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Website Upgrades

Call us nerds and dorks if you wish, but web site upgrades are our favorite things in the whole wide world! In a medium that is as quickly evolving as the World Wide Web, it is essential to make constant upgrades, improvements and additions to keep your site current and informative. The simple fact that your website needs some kind of upgrade is something to be proud of, because that means you are keeping things moving for the benefit of your increased visitors and clients. And that is the path to success!

Web River Group takes pride in consulting your business on ways in which you can improve your Web presence. Increased traffic often produces a need for several upgrades in areas such as navigation, HTML cleanup, sitemaps, and improved content. Our company is made of thinkers and planners that can propose and implement countless projects for the improvement of your web site.

In addition, the process of upgrading your website often involves making it more community oriented with the addition of blogs, forums, discussions and articles. Our goal is to turn web sites from places people go to buy to places people go to hang out, chat, learn or teach. Please see our section on forums and blogs for more information.

If you're interested in coming up with upgrade plans for your own website, please follow our free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Be a Web surfer. It is important not only to spend time surfing through your own site, but also to spend time visiting other websites. Doing so will introduce you to all kinds of cool things people do with their web sites. Find some that you like, and implement them on your website.

  2. Set projects. Meet with your team once a week. Discuss new ideas and directions. And make a plan to implement them. Web sites are infinitely expandable if someone is just willing to put in the time. You should be constantly brainstorming how to improve your website, and then create projects, completion dates and deadlines for making your upgrades a reality.

  3. Have fun. Upgrading your website should be for the benefit of your visitors. So make it fun. Create product review sections and article databases. Create a custom section where people can share pictures or stories. Implement a forum that allows people to get answers to their questions.

  4. Never stop. If you want a successful website, you must have a successful approach. You should be constantly generating new ideas, new sections, new information and new communities to develop within your target market. If you implement one hundred new ideas next year, at least a couple of them are likely to improve your website, increase traffic and bring in more business. So don't let failures stop you - keep upgrading and good things will happen.



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