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Website Design & Re-Design

Let's get one thing straight: Web River Group is not a web design company. Despite the fact that we employ skilled graphic designers, it is not our intention to be your web design solution. However, one thing we've learned being successful Internet marketers is that the design aspect of a website never quite catches up with growth.

Some websites, albeit those that are in the worst shape, need a complete overhaul for us to even begin to optimize and market them correctly. In other cases, a website grows via expanded content, member participation, advertising, or increased product listings in manners that older templates just aren't capable of displaying effectively. And that is where we come in.

Our web design services normally take one of three approaches. In the first, we will play the middle man between you and your web design company in order to communicate what type of site needs designed or what changes must be made for proper optimization. In the second, we will have our designers re-design your site for you in a way that keeps the look and feel intact while improving it to the benefit of visitors and search engines alike. Or third, we will just design or re-design your site for you from scratch, in a way that provides the best template for online success.

If you would rather manage your web site design or re-design process yourself, please follow some of the free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Functionality before beauty. Many websites are designed to look good, and they should. But not at the expense of user friendliness, search engine crawling or basic functionality. Your design should include navigation bars and content areas that are infinitely expandable. If putting more than five lines of content in a certain area pushes the design down to a point where it looks funny or overlaps, you need a different design. Having a pretty website is great and all, but not if it prevents visitors or search engines from getting the information they need.

  2. Don't pay too much. Web design prices are outrageous these days, especially if you realize how simple 90% of all designs are. Unless you're paying for flash, backend databasing, or something out of this world, a basic web design shouldn't be that expensive. If you can't find one to fit your budget, try your local college of art and design. Students are often better designers than paid professionals, and will work for portfolio enhancers and keg party money.

  3. Communicate with your designer. Graphic designers are a different group of people - believe us, we know! If you don't communicate with them every step of the way, keep an eye on their progress and insist on being involved, you could get something that doesn't even resemble what you want. Then you're stuck paying for unproductive time. Ask for daily updates, as well as a place to view past and current design proposals. This will allow you to keep everything moving in the right direction.

  4. Obtain all the final files. You paid for it, so make sure the designer gives you all the original design files. This will give you the opportunity to make changes down the road, or find another designer to update things if the old guy isn't around anymore. If you don't have the original design files, there will be no way to alter anything in the future, and you'll be forced to design from scratch all over again.



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