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Web Consultation

Let's face it. Millions of companies offer search engine optimization and Internet marketing services these days. There's so much information on the Internet alone that anyone could read a couple tutorials and claim to be an expert. So what sets Web River Group apart from the rest of the pack?

Well, one simple reality: Experience. Unlike other SEOs that have simply built a business on the trial and error process of attempting to reach the top of the search engines, we have actually learned the hard way - through the successes and failures of do it yourself web presences. Our management staff is composed of online business owners, of both E-commerce and content-driven sites. We have been in your shoes, and figured out what does and doesn't work.

That is why we also offer Web Consultation services. The fact of the matter is that great SEO and online marketing means nothing without the correct infrastructure and planning of a successful website. If your traffic increases by 100% in a couple months, and you don't have any plan on how to keep up, your web site will crumble. Our Web consultation services will help prepare your site for the growth it will experience, and assist in all the changes and upgrades you'll need to make as your Web presence evolves.

Traffic Analysis - It is essential to monitor and analyze website traffic. Unique visitors. Page views. Search engine referrals. Exit links. Monthly, quarterly and yearly changes and trends. You must be aware of all criteria, possess the ability to define successes and failures within your traffic statistics and, most importantly, use that knowledge to develop plans for growth and improvement.

URL Selection - Before selecting a URL for your new website, there are many things to consider. You will want to have an effective grasp on your target market, your top online competitors and your targeted keywords. From there, you will want to choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember, contains top keywords if possible, aids in the branding of your web site and business, and draws the attention of potential visitors.

Website Design & Redesign - Some websites, albeit those that are in the worst shape, need a complete overhaul for us to even begin to optimize and market them correctly. In other cases, a website grows via expanded content, member participation, advertising, or increased product listings in manners that older templates just aren't capable of displaying effectively. And that is where we come in.

Website Upgrades - In a medium that is as quickly evolving as the World Wide Web, it is essential to make constant upgrades, improvements and additions to keep your site current and informative. The simple fact that your website needs some kind of upgrade is something to be proud of, because that means you are keeping things moving for the benefit of your increased visitors and clients. And that is the path to success!

Forums & Blogs - Forums and Blogs are excellent methods of producing repeat visitors, daily watchers and user generated content. However, both forums and blogs are tools that can be easily manipulated by Web surfers, spammers, shady Internet marketers and robots. Web River Group can help you eliminate these problems and construct the correct social networking tools to make your site more than just a basic retailer.



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