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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many experts will tell you that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your exposure in - and traffic from - the search engines. We believe this is an oversimplification of the term. To us, the process of increasing your website's traffic is much more complex than that, and SEO is just one element.

Search Engine Optimization is actually just one part of our Internet Consulting service, and it basically entails making your website more search engine friendly. Our SEO services will help search engine spiders crawl and index your site with better ease and more frequency.

Great SEO is dependent on one major factor: Perfectionism. Each of the following SEO services is done with the highest care and attention to detail. These services will make sure your site is easy for the search engines to crawl, index and list.

Content Development - Web River Group employs a team of former journalists, editors and researchers whose sole function is to create dynamic content for any kind of website presence. This content development staff uses expert researching, gathering, organizing, writing and editing techniques for populating your website with one-of-a-kind content.

META Tags - Unlike many SEOs that simply pick a handful of targeted keywords, stack them in a page's content and META tags, and hope for the best, we take greater care in making sure each page on your website has perfect META tags. We base our META tag population on the page's content, and make sure all tags have 100% relevancy to the content on the page.

Navigation - Just as location is the staple for a successful business outside, navigation is the staple for a successful business on the Internet. If your visitors can't quickly and easily go where they want on your website, they will leave. Often, the only difference between a successful website and a failing website is the ease of it's navigation system.

HTML Cleanup - Web River Group's HTML Cleanup service gets rid of all unneccessary font tags, paragraph formatting tags, div tags, text formatting tags, or any other HTML tags placed there by your HTML editor. In most cases, this includes the creation of CSS stylesheets that allow us to reduce the size of your web page by as much as 50%.

CSS Stylesheets - Web River Group likes to centralize all CSS in one neatly-packaged file. We go through your entire website, removing excess font tags, paragraph attributes and text formats, then recreate all of your website's text properties in a single CSS file. Once complete, your site will be neater, cleaner, easier to manage and much more search engine friendly.

Sitemaps - Web River Group specializes in the construction of both visitor sitemaps and search engine sitemaps. Above all else, we always make sure to please the Internet's two most-traveled search engines and their sitemap guidelines. For Google, we create a site-wide XML sitemap, and for Yahoo we create a site-wide TXT sitemap. Once these are submitted to the respective search engines, your site will be indexed correctly virtually everywhere.



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