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Setup: $ 360
Monthly: $ 120

  Setup: $ 680
Monthly: $ 220
  Setup: $ 1080
Monthly: $ 350
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Baseline Ranking
Using in-depth reporting technologies we provide a clear picture of your current organic rankings in the search engines. This includes positions on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. We also determine your current link popularity and search engine saturation. This report is used as a comparison tool to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and to gain insight about your existing search engine visibility.

Keyword Identification
We identify keyword phrases likely to be used by potential customers. The number of key words or phrases is determined by the plan level. This list will comprise of keyword phrases suggested by you as well as phrases found while researching the your industry and competing sites.

Meta Tag Creation
We create META information including Title, Description, Keywords, and Robots.txt for each of your pages included in your plan. This non-visible information helps your positioning and the content will become a valuable part of your website.

Page Optimization
We optimize all page content to include accurate keyword density, text and images. Number of pages optimized is determined by the project level. Client must provide at least 150 to 200 words of unique content per page optimized. If desired, we can create such content for an additional charge.

Linking Recommendations
We provide a list of recommended reciprocal and one-way linking partners, including relevant directories where your website should appear. The client will be responsible for contacting suggested link partners, unless the level of service includes "Link Building Initiative" described below.

Directory Submissions
Hand submission to all major directories is included in our standard submissions package. Project level determines submission to paid directories such as Yahoo! Directory, described further in "Yahoo Express Listing" and "Strategic One-Way Linking" below.

Search Engine Submission

Quarterly Status Reports
We provide updated ranking and linking reports on a quarterly basis with analysis and recommendations. If client provides website visitor statistics to us, these metrics will be included in analysis.

Monthly Status Reporting
Updated ranking and linking reports provided on a monthly basis with analysis and recommendations. Includes visitor statistics in analysis.

Density/Optimization Testing
Additional testing of final approved content changes for keyword density and other on and off-page optimization techniques, including image optimization. This rigorous testing procedure checks over 75 elements for search engine compliance.

Competitor Analysis
An analysis of the top competitors for your primary keywords. This includes traffic estimation, inbound linking, search engine saturation and SEO/SEM methodology. We provide a ranking report for number one competitor's organic positions.

Link Building Initiative
Based on our linking recommendations, we make contacts with potential linking partners and industry-relevant sites or portals. We track and database all link relationships (inbound and outbound). This sometimes requires the addition of a "Links and Resources" page on your website, and FTP access to that page by our linking department.

Structural Analysis
We uncover any issues with internal linking or structural issues that may inhibit ranking and produce recommendations for efficient restructuring.

Usability Study
Based on current and updated content, we analyze website for visitor usability/ease of navigation issues. This study will be presented with recommendations for changes to on page content or linking, in order to increase leads or sales derived by the site.

Advanced Keyword Research
In depth keyword testing to include metrics that measure keyword effectiveness, level of competition, and possible cross-industry issues. More detailed keyword research will also uncover niche keywords and some keyword phrases used by non-likely prospects, thereby eliminating the chance of misdirected focus.

Server and Technical Analysis
We test your web server for issues affecting search engines and for website structural issues that may inhibit ranking.

URL Optimization
Analysis and optimization of your site's URL structure. Some URL structures are not conducive to search engines, such as URL strings that include a question mark or other methods of fetching data that a search engine may ignore. URL structure affects the way major search engines rank your website and optimized URL's can influence higher rankings for dynamic as well as static sites.

Strategic One-Way Linking
We work to help find the most relevant paid and free directories. We will create a list of highly desirable directories with the costs associated and present them to the client for discussion. Some paid directory costs are included, depending on the project level.

Advanced Tracking Reports
Use of advanced metrics software allows us to see at a glance which search engine listings (or paid listings) are performing well and those that are not. We leverage this insight to adjust your campaigns for conversions from visitors into leads or sales. This advanced tracking software is designed to analyze the behavior (and origin) of every visitor to your website and it can help protect against fraudulent clicks from your competitors.

Conversion Analysis
Based on use of advanced metrics tracking, we provide reports assessing the conversions from traffic to customers based on the resulting actions of visitors to your site.


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