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Pay Per Click Marketing

We believe that Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is slowly but surely taking over the major search engines. Over the past three or four years, search engine algorithms have evolved to show more information-based results - most likely in an attempt to increase search engine revenues by forcing E-Commerce sites to pay for high listings. While this is good for info sites, it is also bad for many E-Commerce sites. In time, we feel that E-Commerce sites will have no choice but to compete for pay per click listings, while the information-driven sites will secure all the organic listings.

Because of this trend, an understanding of pay per click marketing is essential to your website's success. Pay Per Click is an advertising model used by most major search engines. It allows websites that don't come up organically to bid on keywords related to their target market, or those Internet surfers looking for their product or service. These listings normally come up on the top or side of the search engine results pages, and are classified as "sponsored ads" or "sponsored listings."

Unfortunately, the pay per click game can get quite heated and confusing, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Bidding wars, click fraud, auto bidding and low return on investment can force many websites out of competition for highly desired keywords. And that is where we come in.

Web River Group employs a team of pay per click experts with years of experience managing highly competitive pay per click marketing campaigns. With the right budget, we can not only ensure that your listing stays in a noticeable position, but also that it contains the right words, spin and intrigue to pull only the most targeted visitors to your web site.

If you've decided to handle your own pay per click marketing campaign, please take note of our free guidelines below, and contact us if there is anything we can do to help.

  1. Don't waste money. We know this sounds simple, but it could be the most important rule of pay per click marketing. If it will take, say, $0.99 cents per click to secure top sponsored listing for a term whose product has a low profit margin or high return rate, maybe it's not worth the money. If one of your competitors is set at auto-bid and won't give up that number one spot - let them have it. Numbers two and three are often just as beneficial, and cost less money. Investigate every bid individually, based on product, profit margin, rate of return and cost, and stick with the sure things. Don't waste money on the long shots.

  2. Be specific. More general keywords cost more money and have many more competitors. Experiment with specific keywords and note your progress. Staying specific will keep untargeted visitors from wasting your click money, and give you a higher percentage chance to make the sale by ensuring that your visitors are looking exactly for what you can provide.

  3. Use your listing to sell. One of the great things about sponsored listings is your ability to alter them and make them display exactly how you would like. Use spin and exciting words to make your ad stand out from all the other boring sponsored listings. You'd be amazed at how many people click only on the listings that appeal to them in some way.

  4. Do your research. Pay Per Click marketing is a quickly moving, fast paced game, and you will lose if you don't stay on top of what's going on. Check out some useful sites below that will keep you in the loop of the world of pay per click search engines:

    • Pay Per Click Universe - This is a great site for up to date information on PPC info, tools, strategies and news.

    • Pay Per Click Analyst - This site gives daily information on the best PPC search engines, their trends and changes, and can help you figure out which PPC program or programs you should use.

    • Pay Per Click Tools - Visit this site for information on bid management tools, PPC search engines and recommendations for getting the most out of your advertising campaign.



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