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Link Building

The concept of link popularity is one that has been heavily debated among Internet entrepreneurs and SEO experts for the past couple of years now. A lot of SEO companies will tell you that link building will harm you, mostly because their previous methods of bulk linking no longer get the job done. However, it doesn't take a genius to see that, for the time being, the sites that show up at the top of the major search engines, especially search-giant Google, are the ones that contain the most inbound links.

True, obtaining hundreds of low page rank links from a multitude of hidden link pages on unrelated websites is not likely to help you these days. True, joining link exchange markets or link farms, or purchasing text links is likely to get you booted off the search engines. And true, search engines now reportedly have algorithms that detect reciprocal links and give them little to no value. But this does not mean linking is dead ... it just means that unethical linking for the purpose of tricking the search engines is dead.

Regardless of how unique your content is, how great your design is, or how different your Web approach might be, you will get nowhere on the major search engines without good incoming links. Five years ago, you could obtain these links almost overnight. Today, it takes long days, hard work, and a multitude of linking strategies to get the links you need to be considered a popular and authoritative website in any given field.

Web River Group employs a team of link building specialists whose sole function is to get high quality links to your website. Unlike many SEO companies that still utilize those tired and time-wasting bulk linking techniques, we get web sites to link to yours for one major reason: the quality of your website.

Creating new and groundbreaking content, and getting related websites to link to it for the benefit of their visitors, is the best way to obtain high quality links. This includes writing quality articles and submitting them to real websites (not article directories), doing interviews, creating product and service informational sections, ethical forum and blog contributions, and just creating good content that webmasters want to link to.

If you'd like to take a stab at creating your own link building campaigns, please follow some of the free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Be ethical! No more forum spamming because it doesn't work anyway. No more hidden links because the search engines are on to that. No more publishing the same article on 50 different article directories because duplicate content is worthless. No more press releases about absolutely nothing. Unethical link building is a waste of time!

  2. Stop filling out those forms. Whether you're looking for a reciprocal link or trying to get a directory listing, 90% of forms are either unmonitored, unresponsive, or unknown by the site's webmaster. The only way to get quality links these days is to make it personal. Send an individual email to every webmaster you're seeking links from, and give them a reason to link to you. If you can't find a reason, maybe you shouldn't have a web site.

  3. Don't purchase links. Google Webmaster Central now has a complaint form for people to fill out tattling on websites that purchase text links. It could get you blacklisted. In addition, the most important factor of a link is the age. If you pay someone $30 a month for a year to keep your link up, then decide to stop, you get nothing.

  4. Give it some time. A good linking structure will take time to build. Plain and simple. The Internet is no longer the place to get rich overnight. If you're not willing to put time and positive energy into your linking strategies, or your web site in general, then you should seriously reconsider whether you should have a website in the first place.



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