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Keyword Research & Analysis

If there were one thing that is essential to marketing your products or services correctly on the Internet, it would be good keyword presence. As we all know, some estimated 90% of Web surfers find what they are looking for on the Internet via search engines. And search engines list websites based on keywords and keyword relevance. Therefore, if you want to bring targeted visitors to your website, you must know what keywords apply to your products or services, which ones to focus on, and how to get your site top search engine placement under those keywords.

While it is obviously important to know which keywords apply to your individual website or its individual pages, it is equally important to know which of those keywords, related terms, or variations of keywords will drive the most traffic to your website. By focusing on the highest-searched keywords of relation to your specific products or services, you will have a better chance of driving only targeted traffic to your website.

Web River Group employs a team of keyword specialists whose sole function is not only to research every product or service that you offer and find the best keywords to target, but also to analyze the progress and effectiveness of each individual keyword campaign for the duration of our partnership. Our keyword selection technique aims to target only visitors looking for your specific product or service, thus minimizing unrelated queries and maximizing visitor to customer turnover.

If you'd like to take a stab at conducting your own keyword research and analysis campaign, please follow some of the free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Choose related keywords only. If you're trying to sell vacuum cleaners on your website, research only the keywords that you would type in a search engine if you were looking for a vacuum cleaner or a specific vacuum cleaner that you carry. If you only carry home vacuum cleaners, there is no sense in trying to obtain top listings for commercial vacuum cleaners. This will just bring you visitors that are not interested in your products or services.

  2. Try to focus on one keyword per page. A lot of SEO companies try to use a site's highest ranking pages to pull in multiple keywords. This will often lead to confusion among search engines and a drop in the site's overall rankings. If you're selling vacuum cleaners, create an inclusive page to target the keyword "vacuum cleaners," another to target "dyson vacuum cleaners," and another to target "eureka vacuum cleaners." Attempting to market all of these terms to one page is not likely to earn you any search engine recognition for any of your keywords.

  3. Include the keywords in your content ... but NEVER stack! Search engines are capable of recognizing how many times any given keyword appears in the content of your web page. By creating unique quality content based around your targeted keywords, you are enabling search engine spiders to recognize your page as more authoritative. However, recklessly stacking keywords will only get you blacklisted!

  4. Know which keyword variations get the most traffic, and focus on them. There is no sense in optimizing your page for a keyword that no one searches for. Use the online tools below to help you figure out which keywords are worth pursuing:


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