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Internet Marketing

Many experts place Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization in the same category. We feel this is yet another oversimplification of the Internet industry, because Internet marketing and SEO are two separate and complex entities that require individual strategies methods of implementation.

While SEO aims to increase a website's traffic by increasing the authoritativeness of those pages in search engine rankings, Internet marketing aims to increase a web site's traffic using specific online advertising techniques proven to both generate a response from current clients or visitors, and also bring new clients and visitors to your website.

Great Internet marketing is dependent on one factor: The Ability to Grind. Each of the following Internet marketing services is completed with a research-driven, grass roots, one-visitor-can-make-a-difference type of approach. These services will help you market your website to any and all visitors you wish to target.

SERPs - Web River Group employs a team of search engine research specialists whose sole function is not just to ensure that your website appears on all three types of SERP listings, but also that when it does, it displays a listing that is informative, intriguing, and encouraging to potential clients, customers or visitors.

Keyword Research & Analysis - If there were one thing that is essential to marketing your products or services correctly on the Internet, it would be good keyword presence. As we all know, some estimated 90% of Web surfers find what they are looking for on the Internet via search engines. And search engines list websites based on keywords and keyword relevance.

Competition Research & Analysis - Our competition research and analysis campaigns involve analyzing everything about top websites in your market, including content, keywords, graphic design, link strength, navigation, customer service and sales technique, and using that information to make your website the best and most authoritative in your field. By knowing what the search engines like about your competitors, we can figure out what they don't like about you.

Link Building - Creating new and groundbreaking content, and getting related website to link to it for the benefit of their visitors, is the best way to obtain high quality links. This includes writing quality articles and submitting them to real websites (not article directories), doing interviews, creating product and service informational sections, ethical forum and blog contributions, and just creating good content that webmasters want to link to.

Email Marketing - When utilized correctly, an effective email marketing campaign can keep you in contact with former customers or clients, encourage new and repeat business, and create spikes in traffic during website sales, contests or promotions. However, this must be done with the utmost care and respect for the people on your mailing list. Sending unsolicited emails, untargeted mass mailings or SPAM can ruin your website's chance of succeeding on the Internet.

Pay Per Click Marketing - We believe that Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is slowly but surely taking over the major search engines. Over the past three or four years, search engine algorithms have evolved to show more information-based results - most likely in an attempt to increase search engine revenues by forcing E-Commerce sites to pay for high listings.



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