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Shopping Carts

Web site shopping carts are scripts that keep track of what items a shopper has clicked to buy, then displays them when that visitor proceeds to checkout. Once a purchase has been made, the shopping cart works with a given payment gateway service, such as the merchant account at your bank, to confirm or deny order acceptance.

There are hundreds of shopping cart software packages out there. And pretty much every single one is different from the next in some way. Some are free while others are quite expensive. Some offer basic autoresponders while others have a fully integrated order status function. Some allow for discounts and coupons while others allow for cross selling and recommendations. Unfortunately, this makes the process of finding the correct one very timely and difficult.

Web River employs a team of shopping cart specialists who can assist you in finding the correct shopping cart for your website. We start off examining every angle of what functionalities you require from a shopping cart. We then research to find the shopping cart package that best meets all of your business needs and more. And at last resort, we have coders that will build or modify a shopping cart for you to make sure it has all of the features you need.

If you'd like to try to find your own shopping cart package, please follow our free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Know what you want. With so many packages available, and so many options within each package, it's hard to know which shopping cart will work best for your website unless you know exactly what features you want. Start of with a list of everything you want your cart to be able to do. Visit other e-commerce web sites to see what you like about their ordering process. Have your list in front of you when researching different cart packages, and add or eliminate based on your required features.

  2. Know your budget. It's a waste of time to research one hundred shopping cart packages only to find that each one is out of your price range. Pay close attention to pricing and what your features require in terms of financial investment. If all the carts that contain your needed features are too expensive, you have no choice but to learn to live without the more expensive features.

  3. Consider your growth plans. There's no sense in buying a cheap shopping cart package today if you plan on seeing great increases in the next year. Make sure the shopping cart you select has the potential to grow with your business. Otherwise, you'll be doing this all over again a year from now.

  4. Support is a must. Select a shopping cart provider that is in the same region as you, has a fully functional support staff, and is available 24 hours a day. If your cart goes down and it takes two days for them to fix it, then you're in trouble. Test the company by contacting their customer service and emergency lines before you buy. If you get a good response, you can expect them to take care of any problems in a timely fashion.



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