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Increasing Your Sales

E-Commerce websites are fundamentally different from content-driven web sites in that an e-commerce site's goal is to sell a product. For content-driven sites, our goal is simply to bring more traffic their way, and let quality content and user generated communities do the rest. For e-commerce sites, however, our goal is not only to increase visitors, but to increase sales as well.

On the Internet you would think that more traffic equals more sales. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In reality, we've helped some websites experience major traffic increases without seeing any increases in sales. And in time, we were able to understand why. Those sites did very little to convert customers once they were there, and often lost sales due to lower-priced competitors, lack of spin and promotion, or simply an inability to hold the visitors' attention.

For e-commerce sites, the trick isn't getting people to come, but getting them to buy. Web River Group employs a team of e-commerce spin-sell specialists whose sole function is to make your website's products or services more appealing to potential customers. By enhancing the product's presentation, spinning language to highlight the product's features, and encouraging the visitor to purchase on the spot, we can increase the percentage of your visitors who convert to customers.

If you would like to try to increase the sales of your website's product or service on your own, please follow our free guidelines below and contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Know your products. What makes the best salesperson? Knowledge. The more familiar you are with the product you are trying to sell, the better qualified you'll be to present it in a positive light to your customers. Take time to learn the ins and outs of every product on your website. Compare them to your competitors products. Learn what sets yours apart, and draw attention to those features and qualities.

  2. Promotion, promotion, promotion. Do you know the difference between a computer screen and a department store? You can actually touch the products at the store. In order to make up for that gap on the Internet, you have to give something the store doesn't have. Hire a photographer to create professional images. Hire a designer to set up your product pages in a way that makes them look irresistible. Place ads on important pages alerting your visitors of new or spectacular products. The more you promote, the more you'll sell.

  3. Offer sales and giveaways. Have a weekly contest or giveaway that allows your visitors to submit their name and email address for a weekly drawing. Promote weekday sales or bargains on different products every week. Ask customers who are interested in learning more to subscribe to your email newsletter. Not only will this enhance your email marketing efforts, but it will also have visitors coming back weekly to see what's on sale or what they could win.

  4. Make yourself stand out from the competition. If your main competitor has customer service hours from 9 to 5, make yours from 8 to 6. If they're running 20% off all bathing suits, make your sale 25%. If they're offering discounted shipping, offer free shipping. Pay attention to what everyone around you is doing, and what you can do to top that. Normally, the website that makes the most noise also makes the most sales.



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