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Customer Service

Good customer service is the backbone of a successful e-commerce website. In order to bridge the communication gap Internet surfers often experience between themselves and the websites they visit, it is essential to have a human connection. Often, a simple toll free telephone call answered by a pleasant real person is all it takes to get a sale and convert a customer.

Unfortunately, this is not that easy to find on the Internet nowadays. Most web sites you call aren't toll free. Others lead to an answering machine, and calls are almost never returned. And if you can get someone on the line, they're often outmanned and overworked to a point where they're not very pleasant to talk to. If you want to sell products on the Internet, you need a good customer service base.

Web River Group can assist you in the training and assessment of your customer service staff. By educating them on the proper methods of dealing with all kinds of callers, familiarizing them with the products and services they are representing, and encouraging them to sell, sell, sell, we can help you create the best customer service department on the Internet.

If you would like to build your own customer service staff, please see our free guidelines below, and feel free to contact us if we can assist you in any way.

  1. Don't just throw them out there. Just hiring a person, throwing him on the phones and expecting him to learn the way through your process will not only harm the productivity of your staff, but frustrate people and lead to walkouts. Insist on a one to two week training period for all customer service agents. Have them sit with an experienced agent during this time and study product guides and catalogs. The more they know about the products and about what type of callers they can expect, the better off they'll be when the phones are ringing off the hook.

  2. Offer incentives. Your customer service staff is the one group of people that has a direct relation to the amount of products you sell. If you don't reward them, they won't work hard to sell. Have contests and team goals. Give recognition to your best salespeople. Gift gifts, bonuses or extended break times to those that push out the most product. If you make them see that it is in their best interest to sell, not just yours, they will become better customer service agents.

  3. Test your staff. Call in once a week pretending to be a customer. Every week, come up with a new question, problem or issue that needs assistance. If the agent you speak with is kind, courteous and proactive, reward him. If the agent is rude and short, take it up with him the next day.

  4. Have daily staff meetings. Get everyone together before calls start flooding in to have a pep talk. Get them excited and willing to work. Let them know that you're there to help in any way you can. Creating a team vibe between the staff will have them more productive and passionate about their jobs.



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