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E-Commerce Consultation

A lot of people use the whole 'If you build it, they will come' philosophy for the Internet. And often for good reason. If you build it, optimize it, and market it correctly, they definitely will come. However, there has never been a statement saying, 'If they come, they will buy," especially regarding the Internet.

Running an E-Commerce website is a different kind of task. Not only do you have to worry about bringing traffic to your web site, but you also have to worry about getting them to purchase something once they're at your site. To do so, you've got to optimize your website's presentation, your product shipping standards, your methods of receiving payment, and the effectiveness of your customer service staff.

Web River Group was founded by real E-commerce professionals - entrepreneurs who learned how to be successful on the Internet the old fashioned way: They did it themselves. We have a vast experience of building, optimizing and marketing E-commerce websites that sell on the Internet. The services below will ensure that when they come, they surely will buy.

Increase Your Sales - For e-commerce sites, the trick isn't getting people to come, but getting them to buy. Web River Group employs a team of e-commerce spin-sell specialists whose sole function is to make your website's products or services more appealing to potential customers. By enhancing the product's presentation, spinning language to highlight the product's features, and encouraging the visitor to purchase on the spot, we can increase the percentage of your visitors who convert to customers.

Warehousing & Shipping - Web River Group has years of experience in shipping and distribution. Whether you're using your own warehouse facilities, compiling your own stockroom and shipping out of your basement, or participating in one of the Internet's many rising drop ship business programs, we can help make your shipping process more efficient and successful.

Shopping Carts - There are hundreds of shopping cart software packages out there. And pretty much every single one is different from the next in some way. Some are free while others are quite expensive. Some offer basic autoresponders while others have a fully integrated order status function. Some allow for discounts and coupons while others allow for cross selling and recommendations. Unfortunately, this makes the process of finding the correct one very timely and difficult.

Customer Service - Good customer service is the backbone of a successful e-commerce website. In order to bridge the communication gap Internet surfers often experience between themselves and the websites they visit, it is essential to have a human connection. Often, a simple toll free telephone call answered by a pleasant real person is all it takes to get a sale and convert a customer.


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